Sympathy Poems

Poem – Loss of Mother

Your Mom had always loved you
She brought you up with care
She always held the arrow sharp
And saved you from scare.

She made you such a strong man
And led you to all success
She’s tired now and gone to sleep
Let her rest in peace
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Father

Your Papa was a Father
So full of affection,
Despite his toiling for the bread
He paid you attention.

He brought you up so fondly
Filled you with strength
Fired your imagination and
Stoked your ambition.

While you taste the success today
His life has come to an abrupt end
May he find his place in Heaven.
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Grandmother

Grandma was a cute person
She told the tales of yore
T’was not just a story
A lesson for us in store.

She backed up our lives
With wisdom and foresight
She has walked out now
From our sight
She knew the way to Heaven
She has gone alone
While we weep for her
And remember her
She is smiling down upon us
Seeing us a united lot
With all her care and concerns
May she rest in peace.
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Grandfather

Grandpa was a great guy
He seemed to know all
How he warned us beforehand
And how it really happened.

His wisdom and his foresight
His care and affection
Are like precious pearls for us
We standstill and look at him
Bereaved and beleaguered
With him gone to unseen lands
In the domain of death
Our sympathies to you
In the memory of Grandpa.
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Life Partner

The chill in the air is gone.
The thrill in the song is gone.
The shrill in the bird’s song is gone.
The tree stands tall but the wavering wind in it is gone.
The dark nightly sky appears to be stretched over you far longer,
Far unduly long.

Rise from this distressed moment my dear
All our sympathies are with you on the loss of your precious life partner.
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Husband

He still lives…
In the pages of his diary
On the tapes of your films
In the pictures of your albums
In your hearts of heart.

In his death
You lost his touch
His warmth and his companionship
May God give you the strength
To walk along the path of life
In pursuit of his goals.
~ M I Khan

Poem – Loss of Wife

Your wife was like a Princess
She had a heart of gold
She helped you so dearly,
To stand strong and bold.

She was a perfect Hostess
She spread smiles all around
Her passion to serve the guests
Just knew no bounds.

My sympathy to you, dear!
On her sudden demise;
I pray for her soul, dear
And wish her paradise.
~ M I Khan

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