Loss of Property or Business

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of Property or Business

~ The nature’s fury has hit you so hard; our sympathy to you. Let me know how I can be helpful to you.

~ The property you lost was the property outside. Realize the ‘property’ within your mind and rebuild your empire. Our sincere sympathies to you on this sad occasion.

~ The asset in life is not the property you built but it is the spirit you have within you which is the true asset. May God bless you with courage and conviction to rebuild your property with that spirit.

~ The damage to your house and the upheavals in your yard, are things of the past now. Look at the future and see your house stand up again, with same flowers and fauna all around. Our heartfelt sympathy at this agonizing moment.

~ All my sympathy to you on loss of your property in the hurricane disaster. My assurance for all the support you need from me.

~ Business is at the nerve-center of all our day-to-day life. Fill up your heart with renewed courage and rebuild your lost business. Time and the life at large, cannot stop. My sympathy with you.

~ Business has its own seasons. Like summer, winter and autumn. Live through the ups and downs of business with courage and planning. My sympathy to you on the momentary loss in your business. May God bless you!

~ Ride upon the wave and not slip and get gulped down by it. Arise, gather courage and reach the shore to make a new beginning. May God help you rebuild your business soon!

~ A tall tree may swing in strong winds. Its branch may break or fruits may fall down. But a strong tree does not get uprooted. Lose not your heart. Re-work the business process and reap new gains. My sympathy to you at this grave juncture.

~ Trust yourself. Trust your men. They’re all talented men. Shrug off the despair and lead the path to recovery and progress. Our sympathy and support to you in this hour of losses and grief.

~ Fate has driven a hard bargain on you. It has refused to give you much. But wait, fate keeps changing. Bad times lead to good times and the good times can provide you the scope to build a strong unshakeable foundation. Lie in wait. Waylay the next opportune moment.

~ My heart goes out to you on this temporary loss in your business. Things can change. Strike at the heart of the problems that besiege you. May God help you; my support to you.

~ Man cannot live by bread alone. People need things such as art, music and poetry. Explore new fields of business. Come out of the losing situation. May God help you!

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