Loss of Relatives

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of Relatives

Loss of Father:

~ We are shaken at the news of your father’s death. May God give you the strength to live under the shadow of his past guidance and love.

~ He was your father as well as friend and guide. He took lot of care of you so that you may be perfect and patient and lacking in nothing. God help you in this hour. May his soul rest in peace.

~ It was a bad news for us indeed. Your father was the guiding force behind you. He shall still be so. For his voice will always guide you whenever you falter and quiver, or cower under stress or fear. Gather courage my dear.

Loss of Mother:

~ Oh dear. Be not dismayed. Your mother was indeed an angel; the hallow of her patronage will always hover around you. Stand up dear. Our sympathies and support are with you.

~ Death has taken away your Mother. But it cannot take away her aura of concern and care that still goes along with you. Let’s pray for her. May God help you lead the life on the path shown by her.

~ Mother’s loss is indeed greater and more grievous. It was she who held your little finger as you toddled along. It was she who saw you grow on and be a successful man / woman. Let us all pray for her and take inspiration from her life.

~ Half the life Mother gives us all her love and attention. The other half we give her all the love and attention. The news of her death has us in deep sorrow. Our heartfelt condolences to you.

~ Death is at hand. It may strike anyone at anytime. That it visited your house and deprived you of your mother Ms. Julie is a sorrowful event indeed. Your mother was a very kind and loving person. Our sympathies with you on this sad moment.

Loss of Husband:

~ The pain of bereavement and grief felt by you on the sad demise of your husband Elliot is shared by us all. We assure of all our help. We pray to the God to enable you find courage soon.

Loss of Wife:

~ Wife is a home-maker; she provides food, makes your life comfortable, gives love, children and always stands with you in good times and bad. That your wife is no more, is indeed an hour of great loss and grief. May God give you the strength and courage to face the situation. May her soul rest in peace!

~ We are sorrowful to hear the death knell has sounded in your place. Time has stopped; complete silence prevails all around you. Our sympathies with you on the passing away of your wife Stacy. May God give you the strength to re-emerge as a strong person.

Loss of Grandmother:

~ The angel of death has taken your grandmother Ms. Elizabeth to take care of her in heavens. Let’s pray for her soul. Accept our condolences on this sad occasion.

Loss of Grandfather:

~ Grieve not, my dear, that your grandfather Mr. McMillan has closed his eyes. He shall continue to shower his affection and prayers through the eyes of our Lord. Have courage and find strength through his teachings.

Loss of Sister:

~ Sister is a great epitome of companionship, care and continuous encouragement all through the life. The death of your sister Isabelle is indeed painful. Our sympathies with you on this bereavement.

~ You talked together. You played together. You walked together. You shared your pain or pleasure together. Your sister Emily was indeed the best friend and most caring companion in your life. Our heartfelt condolences to you on this sad occasion.

Loss of Brother:

~ The demise of your brother Clement was most unfortunate. Death is the ebb of life, like the retiring water of the tide. Walk out from the receding waters of bereavement and stand firm on the ground. We sympathize with you. May God help you overcome the grief!

~ Be not dismayed by his motionless limbs, a taciturn tongue and the helpless stance. He shall continue to live with you in your memories. His words shall still echo in your mind. His warmth shall still be felt on your shoulders. So do not lose heart. Our sympathies to you on the untimely death of your brother Dr. Joseph Slater.

Loss of Son

~ The news of untimely death of your son Richard has shattered us all. Our sincere condolences to you. May God give you the courage to face the loss and to keep his memories alive by charity in the suitable direction. May his soul rest in peace!

~ We deeply mourn the passing away of your child James. His memories shall always give you the love, solace and peace. May God help you live through this grievous moment.

Loss of Daughter

~ It was distressing to learn about the untimely death of your child Renee. She was a blessing lent to us by God. Our sympathies to you on this sorrowful incidence.

Loss of Boss

~ Sorry to hear about the sudden death of your boss Mr. Christopher. He was a great administrator. He brought order where there was disorder, cleanliness where there was clutter, clarity where there was confusion, prosperity where there was poverty and charity where there was cheerlessness. We share your grief. May his soul rest in peace!

Loss of Uncle

~ It is most unfortunate that the ultimate has come to pass. We stand with you at this hour of grief. Our sympathies to you on the passing away of your ailing uncle Dr. Jones.

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