Loss of Pets

Sympathy Messages for the Loss of Pets

~ We are sorry to hear about the death of your cute pet, “Lisa”.

~ That you lost your adorable pet is a big grievance indeed. We share your grief.

~ Tommy was a true-hearted, faithful pet dog of yours. We mourn its death and convey our heartfelt condolences to you.

~ Your pussy cat and her brood shall always haunt my memories of the days spent with you. The passing away of the adorable cat has paired me, too.

~ Our sympathies to you on the death of your pet cat “Sheela”. She was a demure, lovely cat and her kitten such cute little creatures.

~ It was sad to know about the death of your pet dog, “Johnny”. How it cowered and how it skulked on sighting me at the door of your house.

~ The German shepherd held by you and nurtured so dearly by you was indeed an intelligent and enthusiastic being. We join your grief on its loss.

~ Your Bull dog with a large head was so serious and philosophical. Its strength surprised me a lot. Its affectionate attitude endeared me to it. I am equally aggrieved at its death.

~ The news of your pet’s death has sent a shockwave down my spine, too. He was such a brave dog with soft coat and a curled tail. My sympathies are with you.

~ Your pet dog “Wallace” was a good retriever. It provided such enjoyable moments for us all. My sympathies are with you on its sudden demise.

~ The Spaniel dog bred at your house was quite a lovable pet, with its long ears, that hung down. Oh! How I loved to pat it and caress it. My sympathy is with you on its sudden death.

~ Your fast-running Greyhound pet was a sensation to watch. It was a precious pet reared by you so dearly. My sympathies are with you on its death.

~ Your large pet dog Labrador was ever vigilant and it looked forward to your care and affection with so much eagerness. Its death has caused sorrow to us, too. Our sympathy is with you.

~ Your Dalmatian pet dog with white short hair and black spots was a work of art. Its black and white arty presence filled with alacrity and vigil was so fascinating. Our sympathies are with you on its death.

~ The Chihuahua standing on its hind-legs, with a brush-like little tail, trying to seek your touch and care was so exciting to watch. The death of this little creature at such a young age is indeed shocking news to us. Our sympathies are with you.

~ Pussy cat “Julie” was a lovely pet. How she sat comfortably in your hands and purred so softly in a low sound. Her sudden death is indeed a great loss for us, too; our sympathy to you on its passing away.

~ You could talk to her. She could talk to you in her own sound language. What a wonderful pet your pussy cat was. I convey my sincere condolence to you on its death.

~ The pussy cat ‘Rita’ was so alive and attentive. It looked into your eyes and tried to talk to you. She knew when you were busy and when you can spare time for her; my sympathies to you on losing her so early.

~ Her eyes stared at you. Your heart throbbed for her. Cuddlesome pussy ‘Princess’ was such an intimate companion of yours. She incessantly let the day for you. She regularly concluded the day for you and slept at your feet; our sympathy to you on her great loss.

~ When she was brought, she was a kitten and held by you in your palms. She grew up before you. You knew her so well. She knew you so well. In her death, you have lost a close companion. Life was so satisfying with her; our heartfelt condolences to you on her death.

~ My heart stopped a beat on hearing the news of your pet dog “Simon”. It was such an integral part of your home. You found so much solace and companionship in him. My sympathies to you!

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