Get Well Soon

~ I am quite distressed at hearing the news of your serious illness. You are a man of high courage and positive outlook. Get well soon!

~ My sympathy and support to you in these times of serious illness faced by you. Time shall wait and look out for you. You are an indispensible man for the world. Come, rise and rejoin the world with renewed vigor.

~ Your illness can be cured. Your lost health can be regained. Muster courage and strength and get treated well. Get well soon!

~ Your body lies bedridden. But your thoughts are alive. Your brain is active. Fight out the illness with care and courage and come back healthy and in good spirits again.

~ Do not sink in mire of morbidity. Let not the floods of helplessness overflow you. The wounds will be healed. The sickness will vanish soon. Improve your health and return to the robust world.

~ Your illness is only a misfortune. It cannot touch your courage. It cannot harm your ambition. Revive your spirit that spreads happiness to all. The wheel of fortune will turn, eventually. Get well soon!

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