Words of Sympathy

When an individual or family is experiencing the grief and sadness that is commonly associated with the loss of a close friend or a member of the family, thoughtful words of sympathy and encouragement that are sent to these individuals can often help a great deal.

Although in many different situations it is not at all uncommon for a person to have the opportunity to speak face to face with a grieving individual or family, there is actually nothing that can take the place of the warmth and the love that can be expressed when a card is sent that speaks to their heart of the sympathy that other individuals feel for them during this time of deep loss. In many cases a person will find it hard to come up with the 'right' words to say when they are face to face with grieving individuals. In cases such as this, sending a card of sympathy to the grieving individual will give people the extra time that they need to find a sympathy card that can express the exact wording that they could not put into words themselves.

When you make the decision to give an individual or family a sympathy card that you have made by hand, it makes it a special and personal heartfelt expression of sympathy for the loss that has occurred. In making cards meant for sympathy by hand, it is very important to carefully consider the selection of words and phrases that you plan to use to express how you feel. Sympathy cards that are written by hand is a great way to express much more than a simple condolence, as the best way to write them is to use the words that come to your heart. Homemade sympathy cards show a grieving individual that you have actually taken the time to understand what they are going through, and they also have the ability to show true sincerity.

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